Dissemination of mathematics

Disseminating mathematical culture is one of researchers' major concerns.

To disseminate scientific culture towards the general public constitutes one of the missions of researchers and academics, the general public being either schoolboys and girls & students or plain citizens eager to keep informed and science fans. To help researchers and academics with this task, the Insmi supports the service tool AuDiMath, which brings together communication professionals working in mathematics laboratories and people active in the dissemination of mathematics.

AuDiMath facilitates networking, enabling those people to exchange skills and experiences, to share documentary resources and videos, to coordinate national projects such as the website Images des mathématiques.

Through the Fondation Blaise Pascal, the Insmi supports activities of mathematical dissemination throughout the French Territory.

Focus on the Images of Mathematics website

Images of Mathematics (IdM) is a participatory website for the general public run by a community of mathematicians. Its vocation? To dispel preconceived ideas about contemporary mathematical research and the profession of mathematicians. No scientific publications are published on this site: the articles are educational and adapted to the level of each person, from the neophyte to high school and university graduates. The IdM's posts are open to comments from Internet users. They deal with the historical, cultural or sociological aspects of mathematical research today.

They have made mathematics their profession!

There are several careers in mathematics research in the public sector: researcher, teacher-researcher, engineer. Discover the men and women who have embraced these careers.

Research careers in mathematics - April 2019 ©CNRS
Research careers in mathematics - April 2019 ©CNRS