Exhibition : "BE A CHAMPION", fascinating facts you didn't know between sports and science


What is the fastest sport? Why do you lean in a bend? Why do you run with folded arms rather than straight arms?  Why does a sprinter slow down before the finish line? Why do basket-ball players seem to hang in the air? Why, on a bike, the faster you go, the more stable you are? Why does running behind someone allow you to improve your performance? Why do  you swim faster when slightly underwater ?  How do soccer players score free kicks?

This 10 panels exhibition provides simple, illustrated answers to all these questions, based on mathematical and physical concepts that are accessible to the general audience (aged 14 and over).

This exhibition is inspired by the book “Be a Champion, 40 facts you didn't know about sports and science" by Amandine Aftalion, illustrated by Estelle Chauvard, published by Springer.

Audience:  Aged 14 and over. For libraries, town halls, parks, high schools

How to get it: The high resolution pdf is free, you just have to make the request via the form. The resolution is intended for A0 printing, but of course, A2 or A3 are also possible.  Don't hesitate to send a message with a photo of the exhibition or the website announcing it.

An overview of the exhibition is available.