The Centre international de rencontres mathématiques celebrates its 40th birthday!

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The Centre international de rencontres mathématiques celebrates its 40th anniversary on October 13 and 14, 2021. A festive program has been put together, aimed at a variety of audiences: an institutional day, scientific presentations, a day of dissemination for high school students, a visual competition, an escape game, exhibitions...Follow the celebration live on youtube. Happy birthday, Cirm!

Follow the celebration on Youtube Live !

Scientific talks


Scientific talks will be delivered by:

  • François Charles, CNRS Senior researcher, Laboratoire de mathématiques d'Orsay (LMO - CNRS & Université Paris-Saclay) ;
  • Anne-Laure Dalibard, Professor at Sorbonne Université, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL - CNRS, Sorbonne Université & Université de Paris) ;
  • Javier Fernández de Bobadilla, Professor at Basque center for applied mathematics, Spain.

A day for dissemination activities dedicated to students of high schools


CIRM invites to its anniversary the students of the high schools of the academy in connection with the association Maths pour tous and the Aix-Marseille IREM.

A group of high school students will be welcomed at the Cirm on Thursday, October 14 for a day of dissemination activities: mathematical workshops, guided tours of the exhibitions, an escape game on the theme of Mathéopolis, and the discovery of the library's treasures...

Etienne Ghys, emeritus senior researcher at the CNRS, perpetual secretary of the French Academy of Sciences, will give a talk entitled "Jeux de lumières". High school classes of the academy are invited to connect to the live broadcast of the talk, from 2 to 3 pm.

Three exhibitions, a visual competition and an anniversary artwork


    Three exhibitions are hosted:

    •     Sylvie Pic, art and singularities, crossed conversations;
    •     The audacities of Sophie Germain;
    •     Regards sur les mathématiques, itinéraires méditerranéens.

    A visual competition has been launched to create a graphic identity for Cirm. The winner will be announced at the institutional day on October 13.

    Graphic design: a call for projects has been launched to create an anniversary paving on the 100 m2 path that frames the terrace of the Cirm's renovated and expanded restaurant. The winner of the competition will be announced on October 13 during the institutional day.

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