Un exemple de l’apport des mathématiques pour l’étude de l’environnement. Visualisation interactive des thèmes relatifs au changement climatique, Tweetoscope climatique.
An example of how mathematics can be used to study the environment. Interactive visualization of climate change topics, Climate Tweetoscope.© David CHAVALARIAS / Noé GAUMONT / Maziyar PANAHI / ISC-PIF / CAMS / CNRS Photothèque

Institute of Mathematics for the Planet Earth

Institutional Lab life

The Institute of Mathematics for the Planet Earth (IMPT) is a scientific interest grouping "without walls", with a national vocation, intended to federate scientific skills around mathematics for the environment.

It was created on May 20, 2021 by the CNRS, the ENS de Lyon and the Universities of Clermont Auvergne, Grenoble Alpes, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and Savoie Mont Blanc.

Its purpose is to federate skills around mathematical themes for humans and their interaction with the Earth ecosystem via a multidisciplinary approach involving ecology and the environment, physics and the sciences of the universe.

It revolves around three main axes :

  • Living Earth
  • Human Earth
  • Fluid/Solid Earth

The creation of an Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth is one of the priorities stated in the last Contrat Objectif Performance (COP) between the state and the CNRS.