Research laboratories

The CNRS structures mathematical research in France in close partnership with the universities. It thus creates a fine network of the territory.

Research structures: UMR and FR

The Insmi's action is based on a national network that structures almost all academic research in mathematics in France. This base is made up of 43 mixed research units (UMR). The supervision of these units is carried out in a 'mixed' way in partnership between the CNRS and various higher education institutions.

In addition, there are 12 research federations (FR), which are regional associations of mathematics laboratories, UMRs or host teams. These federations are the natural interlocutor of the regions, chambers of commerce and industry or rectorates as far as mathematics is concerned.

These units are regularly evaluated on their work and organisation by the Haut Conseil de l'évaluation de la recherche et de l'enseignement supérieur (Hcéres), a national evaluation body external to the CNRS, as well as by the Comité national du CNRS. Insmi researchers are evaluated by the sections of the CNRS National Committee, mainly by section 41, dedicated to mathematics.

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Research groups (GDR)

Alongside the geographical network of UMRs, there is a thematic network of 29 research groups (GDRs), which bring together mathematicians working on a given research theme at national level.

These GDRs play an important role in scientific animation in their field by organising conferences of national or international scope, depending on the case, and summer schools for young researchers, and by supporting individual collaborations. They also play an important role with doctoral and post-doctoral students by supporting their integration into their professional environment.

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The Calcul Group

This GDR brings together members of the French computing community, engineers and mathematicians. It runs communication and exchange groups during scientific and technical events, hosts the CNRS network of computing engineers and participates in the pooling of computing resources throughout France.

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