Support and research units and thematic networks

The French mathematical community has set up national instruments that the Insmi pilots or co-pilots: the support and research units (UAR), which are geographically based, have the possibility of hosting staff and for which the Insmi shares the supervision with partners (universities or learned societies); and the thematic networks (RT) within the CNRS.

Support & research units and thematic networks fulfil, at national level and in a spirit of mutualisation, the various support functions necessary for the proper development of mathematical research. They provide :

  • shared IT resources provided by the Mathrice thematic network, which is also the business network for people in charge of system and network administration;

  • documentary resources, coordinated by the Réseau national des bibliothèques de mathématiques (RNBM), a network of documentalists and librarians from the Insmi's laboratories, as well as by the Orsay Jacques Hadamard library, a national reference library; support for the publication of French mathematical journals in open access via the UAR Mathdoc, which is developing, in particular, an open-access scientific publishing platform (the Mersenne centre) and a digital library (Numdam);

  • conference centres where one can organise or participate in scientific events and meet mathematicians from all walks of life, the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) and the Centre international de rencontres mathématiques (CIRM);

  • a network for exchanging and sharing experiences on the dissemination of mathematics, the AuDiMath thematic network;

  • assistance in developing relations with companies, provided by the Agency for Mathematics in Interaction with Enterprise and Society (AMIES);

  • finally, the Insmi administratively manages a support and research unit linked to the CNRS's computing and data mission (MiCaDo): the Gricad unit, which pools computing skills and expertise at the regional level on the Grenoble site.

The Math Portal, a privileged access to tools and services useful to the mathematical community

The Math Portal is an entry point to digital resources useful to researchers in mathematics. Developed by Mathdoc, the RNBM and Mathrice, it offers the mathematical community a single access point:

  • scientific documentation and associated services, in free or controlled access, with
  • advanced search functions;
  • services facilitating mobile and collaborative work;
  • institutional and professional information.