The Assises of Mathematics


Mathematics is a constantly changing and developing discipline. It is necessary to take time to reflect on this evolution and its consequences. Moreover, while mathematics is a discipline with a major impact, the issues related to it remain largely unknown to society, particularly to politicians and socio-economic leaders. In light of these two observations, the INSMI is organizing the assises of mathematics in 2022 with the strong support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

The Assises des Mathématiques will address a range of topics related to the discipline, the community and the place of mathematics outside the academic world. The place of mathematics in universities and various research organizations and in the business world, in France and abroad, will be studied. The motto "mathematics is everywhere" may be questioned and documented. This reflection will be articulated with a reflection on the organization of research spaces in mathematics, both in the academic sector and in the industrial sector, both in the "tool" aspect of mathematics and in the aspect of internal development of the discipline by measuring the link between these two aspects. It will question the functioning of the different mathematical communities, the organization of support for mathematical research, the structuring of research... Everything related to careers in the different mathematical professions will be addressed, from recruitment to the development of careers in and outside of the academic world. In connection with careers, we will also question the training in mathematics, both initial and lifelong, with respect to the needs of society in terms of mathematical skills. Finally, the question of the trajectory and positioning of mathematical research in France will allow us to take a prospective look at the discipline.

The Assises of Mathematics will yield a synthesis document that will be presented at an institutional event in the fall of 2022.

In particular, the Assises yielded a study of the economic impact of mathematics in France, and will be linked to the national synthesis of the HCERES evaluations on mathematics.

The INSMI has entrusted Stéphane Jaffard, professor at the Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne, and Étienne Gouin, CNRS research engineer at the disposal of the Fondation Sciences mathématiques de Paris, with the task of setting up these mathematical conferences, and we thank them for their commitment!

The challenges of the Assises des mathématiques

In the context of the Assises of Mathematics, the INSMI offers the French mathematical community challenging calls:

The plan France 2030 of the French government aims, to "better understand, better live, better produce", to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies. Mathematics is a major tool for the success of this plan and the Mathematics 2030 challenge proposes to the mathematical community of France to participate in the achievement of these objectives.

Responses to this call for papers will take the form of a description of a dissemination action. The term action is to be taken in the broadest possible sense. The proposed actions can take any form, for example but not exclusively a book, exhibition, film, web application, etc.